Steve Rogers Acoustics - acoustical consulting, noise & vibration conrol
Steve Rogers Acoustics offers a full range of acoustical consulting, design and testing services in acoustics, noise and vibration control. We are based in Los Angeles, California. Services include: Architectural Acoustics, Room acoustics, Design of partitions, walls and floor/ceiling assemblies, Exterior noise intrusion glazing selection, Space planning, Mockup and field testing, Noise and Vibration Control, HVAC systems, Plumbing, Electrical systems, Elevator systems, Environmental Noise, Exterior building envelope design, Community noise surveys, Land use planning & entitlement, Noise ordinance compliance & enforcement
Architectural Acoustics
Room acoustics
Design of partitions, walls and floor/ceiling assemblies
Exterior noise intrusion – glazing selection
Space planning
Mockup and field testing
Noise and Vibration Control
HVAC systems
Electrical systems
Elevator systems
Environmental Noise
Exterior building envelope design
Community noise surveys
Land use planning & entitlement
Noise ordinance compliance & enforcement
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